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KB050220161018 - Troubleshooting Agent registration issues


When you discover devices and try to register them, the status stays at "Waiting to register" and does not proceed beyond that point.


There are a few reasons why this can happen. The Fusion Pro solution is based on SSL security and in order for Fusion Pro to operate there are some things one needs to observe and follow:

Date and Time: This may not sound important, but in order for SSL communications to operate the data and time needs to be set correctly on the client and the Fusion server.

Ports: Ensure that you follow the instructions in the Installation Guide. There are a number of ports that are used by Fusion Pro and these need to be opened for their functions to perform.

Incorrect HOSTNAME or CNAME: When installing the Fusion Pro software, you will have been asked to provide the Communication Server IP/Hostname. This is a critical part of the process and this value must be matched by the CNAME / A record or the DHCP Scope Option ID.

For example:

  • The HOSTNAME of the Fusion Pro server may be FPS-MAN-IT-VM21. This is not a convenient name and cannot be automatically used or detected by the Fusion agent.
    This name is taken by default for the Communication Server IP value when installing.
    At this point you may decide to change this for the FQDN which could be fusionpro.acme.com for example.
    You will need to ensure that DNS contains the following records:
    • A FPS-MAN-IT-VM21
    • CNAME fusionpro.acme.com FPS-MAN-IT-VM21

If you still have issues with device registration please raise a ticket and provide all the information required. But first, please check to ensure the obvious has been discounted.

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