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This is a CRITICAL UPDATE for all users of Windows and Windows Embedded Devices, using either Fusion Pro, Fusion Premium or Fusion UEM.

Microsoft has made a change in the week of 24th December that has updated the Windows Defender data files. This update has causes serious issues with the functionality of the Windows Agents used by Fusion Professional, Fusion Premium or Fusion UEM.

You are required to immediately update the agents in any devices you manage with Fusion.

Agent operational

You can do this using the management software, asl long as the agents have not been blocked by Windows Defender. To test this you can send a simple task such as displaying a message on the device from the management software. If the task is run successfully on the target devices, the agent is operational and can be updated from the management software using the Upgrade Device task, or using Auto Agent Update.

In order to get the new agent into the management software, you will need to use the Management Server Configuration Tool. This tool can be downloaded here.

Agent operation compromised by Windows Defender

If the agent has already been made non-operational by Windows Defender, then you can download the Windows Agents here:

In such cases, you will need to manually intervene at the devices and log in as Administrator and then installing the new agent.

The Cause

The Windows Agent contains several files that are executables. The main executables that are run as primary files by the Agent were appropriately code-signed, while ones that were spawned as sub-processes did not need to be. Windows Defender accepted this method and has done so for many years.

The recent update was released with no warning to the Microsoft developer partners and now requires all executables, whether primary, secondary or other to be code-signed for Windows Defender to accept them.

This has now been done in the latest agent.

We do apologise for this inconvenience.

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