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KB070220131600 - Low Memory Warning on WES 7 Devices


When using the WES7 devices and using high graphic software Windows reports a low memory warning to the user.


This is generated by Windows Resource Resolver and is triggered when the used memory reaches the inbuilt threshold of 70%. Unfortunately this setting cannot be changed.


Since the threshold setting cannot be changes you may use the following solution.

We however do advise doing this on a test unit first and following the instructions precisely. If you find it is successful please request an XLmanage deployable script from us so you can deploy the solution in bulk.

Steps to correct are:

  • Login in as Administrator
  • Ensure EWF is disabled. You can check this in the control panel using the EWF Manager located in Administrative Tools
  • Go to Start > Run and launch a command shell
  • Locate the following keys




  • Export them to a USB pen drive so you can restore them if this does not work
  • Take ownership of the two folders
  • Delete the two folders named {5EE64AFB-398D-4edb-AF71-3B830219ABF7} and {45DE1EA9-10BC-4f96-9B21-4B6B83DBF476}
  • Make sure you delete ONLY those keys (the folders that have the big long string of letters/number) and not their parent key (DiagnosticModules)
  • Enable EWF if it was previously enabled
  • Reboot

Test thoroughly to see if the memory warnings occur again. If they have ceased then please request the XLM update patch.

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